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Creating international opportunities for Canadian cleantech companies

Posted by The CCC Team on April 15, 2018 at 12:08 PM

Countries around the world are looking for cleantech solutions to tackle climate change and make industries more efficient and sustainable. CCC Sector Director for Clean Technologies and Renewables, Rob James explains why that’s good for Canada.

Rob James openly admits he’s on a personal quest when it comes to clean technology.

“I don’t see this as just another sector or branch of innovation,” he explains. “I think cleantech has the potential to reinvent whole economies and deliver massive economic benefits to Canada. It’s thrilling to see more and more projects implemented, more of our clean technologies exported. It’s great to be helping make that happen at CCC.”

Rob has good reason to feel that way. For nearly 20 years he’s been dedicated to getting clean technologies out of the lab and into the mainstream economy. After starting out working on carbon pricing mechanisms, his career led him to positions at the United Nations, Environment Canada and Natural Resources Canada

It was while working with the UN Development Program in 2008-2009 to secure international financing for carbon reduction projects in Panama that he first fully appreciated the power of clean technologies to create economic growth.

“I saw how these technologies could make industries perform better and be more competitive while improving environmental and — often — social conditions at the same time,” he reflects.

Rob says Canada has a strong foothold in key cleantech areas such as energy storage, smart grids and other low-emission power solutions, soil remediation and water and wastewater treatment.

“It’s a unique space,” Rob notes. “In Canada all this innovation is being done mostly by small and medium-size enterprises. Our job at CCC is to help them win international sales through government to government contracts. The more contracts they win, the more these companies are going to be able to scale up and seize a bigger share of the global market.” 

Having CCC serve as prime contractor has value for both buyers and exporters, Rob says. CCC assures the buyers that contracts will be completed successfully — minimizing risk — while companies access opportunities that might otherwise be unavailable given their size.

“I would say our services at CCC are extremely well suited to companies with demonstrated profitability, clear market direction and plans for scaling up,” Rob explains. “We want to connect with as many companies as possible, because with our partners at EDC and the Trade Commissioner Service we can unlock opportunities for a wide range of firms.”

Are you looking to export your clean technology or renewables solution? Contact CCC today to learn more about our government to government contracting model and for more details, download our Guide for Canadian Cleantech Exporters.

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