Three ways to build credibility with Government buyers

Posted by The CCC Team on February 24, 2019 at 5:44 PM

You might have the best product or service on the global market or an offer no competitor can beat and still struggle to close a deal with a government buyer abroad because they just don’t know you well enough to take the risk. The stakes are too high. The political and economic consequences of project failure are too great.

So how do you gain that trust and build your credibility with a government buyer in another country? CCC’s government to government (G2G) contracting approach can help by:

1. Providing a Government of Canada guarantee of contract performance

Being able to tell a prospective customer that the Canadian government is confident in your company and is willing to provide a guarantee of contract performance gives your offer a significant credibility boost. It makes you stand out, and provides your buyer with real peace of mind. 

2. Confirming your capabilities

CCC exporters get the backing of the Government of Canada because they’ve successfully gone through our due diligence process. That includes an integrity compliance assessment to learn more about your business practices and your use of agents or other representatives. We also assess your technical, managerial and financial capabilities to ensure you have the organizational capacity to deliver on the project requirements. Foreign government buyers respect the thoroughness of this process and the level of risk mitigation it provides, further establishing your credibility with them. (To learn more about our due diligence process, read our blog on How to become a CCC exporter.)

3.Associating your company with the “Canada brand”

Canada has a generally excellent reputation around the world as a reliable, trustworthy, credible and ethical trading partner. Many countries actively seek to work with the Government of Canada because they hold Canada in high esteem — in addition to the high-quality Canadian products, services and expertise they gain access to as a result. Through CCC’s G2G contracting model, foreign buyers may value the opportunity your proposal represents for them to deal with Canada and to associate the project with the Canada brand.

Credibility always counts, but it is especially important for large and complex projects such as major infrastructure construction. The bigger the budget and broader the scope, the more a government can be at financial or reputational risk. Choosing the G2G contracting route helps you help your government buyer minimize that risk. It can also foster the kind of relationships needed for projects that involve not only the exchange of products and services but also local capacity building and knowledge transfer, both of which require genuine partnership. 

In every case, knowing your company is trusted by the Government of Canada can be a significant boost in winning the minds of foreign buyers — and, accordingly, the contract.

Need to demonstrate to a foreign government buyer that your company is the right choice? We can help.

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