Amplifying export opportunities: Six degrees of diversification

Posted by The CCC Team on February 9, 2019 at 10:16 AM

With more and different kinds of opportunities for Canadian companies in the global market than ever before, we at CCC recognized the need to diversify our business. Over the past couple of years, we’ve done that, making sure we’re in the right places at the right times to help give Canadian exporters a competitive edge. Here’s what we’re up to, why we’re doing it — and what it means for you:


1. Our services are supporting the Government of Canada’s ambitious agenda to diversify trade

The federal government is serious about getting Canadian goods and services into new markets. It dedicated $1.1 billion to infrastructure and exporter support in 2018’s Fall Economic Statement and set an ambitious 50-percent growth target for overseas exports by 2025. In short: the opportunity and political will exist to diversify and boost Canadian exports — and CCC is helping make that happen with its services for exporters.


2. CCC’s diversification is well under way

We’ve been pursuing our own diversification strategy since 2017 — identifying industries strategically important to employment, innovation and productivity in Canada and expanding our areas of focus to include civil aerospace, construction and infrastructure, clean technology, the environment and energy, information and communications technology, security, and defence. In the first year of our strategy, we worked with 182 Canadian exporters in 78 countries, delivered $2.4 billion in Canadian goods and services abroad, and backed contracts worth $1.3 billion.


3. We’re putting more boots on the ground in key regions.

Our aim is to support as many Canadian exporters as possible, all around the world. Regional representation is key to this, so we’ve established foreign representation in more key regions including South America and Middle-East and Asia. Canadian businesses have already seen a lot of success in these regions. We want to allow more companies to benefit by making CCC services available in these markets.


4. We’re working with our partners in Canada’s international trade portfolio

Our specialty of government to government (G2G) contracting is one part of the broader, mix of services, skills and expertise brought by fellow agencies like the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS), Export Development Canada (EDC) and Canadian Defence Attachés. To help exporters and capitalize on new, more varied opportunities, we continue to work closely with partners like these here at home and out of Canadian embassies around the world.


5. We’re expanding our market intelligence and broadening our relationships

We gather intel through our relationships with foreign government buyers, exporter partners and colleagues across the Government of Canada. The more sources we can tap into, the better the information we can pass on to Canadian companies to give them a competitive advantage. And we’re always making new contacts. In 2017, we took part in 42 outreach programs, 20 of which were international events. We also joined a number of Government of Canada trade missions to connect with new partners and deliver services to Canadian exporters.


6. We’re helping exporters enter new markets

When we serve as Prime Contractor for a Canadian exporter, we offer government buyers the assurance that the contract will be delivered from the Government of Canada. That reduces risk for foreign buyers, making it more attractive to buy from Canada — opening doors for Canadian companies to export to more places with lower payment collection risks, lower business development costs, faster time to contract, and more. We also monitor progress as a contract unfolds, engaging to resolve issues if they arise and keeping things on track.

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