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How to put forward an unsolicited bid supported by CCC

Posted by The CCC Team on February 17, 2019 at 11:58 AM

Competition for international contracts is almost always intense — especially when the processes are open tenders that pit Canadian exporters against larger multinational players with more resources and deeper pockets. Having the chance to put forward an unsolicited bid supported by CCC — your Government of Canada partner — can help you secure the opportunity and focus on getting the right deal. CCC’s government to government contracting approach can help.

Government buyers typically have four options when they want to procure goods or services internationally:

  • Direct sole-source
  • Limited tender
  • Open tender
  • G2G

Sole-sourcing keeps things simple but can sometimes raise concerns about transparency. For the buyer, tender processes can be complex and require very clear specifications — which sometimes aren’t known at the outset. The G2G model solves those problems by making the deal between governments and allowing the buyer to work with your company to define specifications based on your technical knowledge.

So how do you pave the way for an unsolicited bid? Here are a few tips:


Identify the opportunity as early as possible

This may come from having contacts on the ground in a particular country who are in touch with government procurement plans, or could be simply that you’ve seen something in the news that suggests a foreign buyer may be getting ready to start a procurement process. Learn as much as you can as quickly as you can to vet the opportunity.


Consider the suitability of G2G contracting

G2G is usually best suited to complex projects that are often time-sensitive. Other factors may also incline a buyer toward G2G, such as concerns about assurances the project will be delivered, avoidance of bribery and corruption and more.


Find out if the country has an MOU with CCC

CCC has memoranda of understanding (MOUs) in place with many foreign governments and ministries already. That means the ground may already be laid for a G2G deal, providing the “policy cover” the foreign government needs to proceed with a sole-sourced G2G contract. If no MOU exists, CCC can engage the government locally to see if an MOU might move the project along.


Get CCC involved right away

The sooner CCC can connect and start discussions with the foreign buyer about their needs and the advantages of G2G, the more opportunity there is to steer the opportunity toward a sole-sourced G2G contract. Our regional directors and our partners at the Trade Commissioner Service in Canadian embassies around the world have contacts with foreign government buyers to make inquiries and get these discussions going.


Are you looking to expand into foreign markets? We can help. Contact us to learn about how we can connect with you buying opportunities and how we support international procurement opportunities. 

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