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How to Get the Right Meeting with Foreign Government Buyers

Posted by The CCC Team on January 14, 2019 at 3:11 PM

Many exporters can probably relate to this scenario. There’s an international opportunity you know your product or service is right for, that’s aligned with your business goals and strategy. Maybe you or your agent have already had some discussions with procurement officials.

It could be you don’t have the right contacts. Or perhaps government representatives in the country you’re targeting can’t meet directly with companies due to concerns about fairness of the procurement process. Whatever the case, CCC can help.

François Payeur, CCC Regional Director for South America and Mexico, explains how.


Bringing G2G to the table

While government officials may not be able to meet with your Canadian company, they can host a meeting with Canada — nation to nation. CCC functions as a representative of the Canadian government. This opens the door to discussions about what you have to offer and how you can help the government in question fulfill its project goals.

“We meet with ministers and explain the advantages of working with Canadian exporters and their solutions. We go to bat for Canadian entrepreneurs,” Payeur says.

CCC has extensive contacts with ministers and other political-level decision makers in markets around the world. When a foreign government indicates a preference for Canada, CCC can step in to seal the deal.

“Sometimes there is a critical or urgent need —” Payeur says. “When governments know they need Canadian capabilities and can’t afford to wait on a traditional procurement process, we’re able to expedite things.”

At times, foreign representatives may want to meet with CCC alone. At other times, they will ask for your company to be present to answer technical or logistical questions.


All roads lead to opportunity

Payeur says there are many pathways to CCC’s involvement in helping exporters get the right meeting.

“Whether you’ve been working your own opportunities on the ground, are bidding on government business through an open tender process or have developed something specific through the Trade Commissioner Service, we can use our contacts and government to government contracting mechanism to get you the access you need to make your best pitch,” he explains.

One of the advantages of involving CCC is knowing that the guidance and support you get reflects the most current, up-to-date realities of the market you’re aiming to do business in. Circumstances can change very quickly, even overnight. CCC’s regional directors monitor these changes constantly.

“Exporters who have the ability to fulfill foreign government contracts and want to build their export business should definitely reach out to CCC’s sector directors,” Payeur says.

“They’re our colleagues in Canada and are constantly in touch with regional directors like me: they know the companies, we know the markets; together we provide access to emerging global opportunities.”

By building your relationship with CCC, doors will be kept open to foreign government opportunities and the people who make purchasing decisions. You will have your company and its expertise on the radar around the world.


If you have a potential sale to a foreign government buyer, increase your chances of success by contacting CCC at 1-800-748-8191, or email

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