How G2G contracting reduces risk for foreign government buyers

Posted by The CCC Team on July 5, 2021 at 9:20 AM

Government-to-government (G2G) sole-source contracting is a low-risk way for governments abroad to buy from Canadian exporters — but not every government is familiar with the approach. This blog series, Introducing G2G Contracting to Foreign Government Buyers, will help you answer some of the questions your potential government customers may have about this unique contracting approach.  

Our G2G contracting approach minimizes the political, business and payments risks Canadian exporters can face when doing business with a foreign governmentIt also greatly reduces the procurement risks faced by your government buyers — which can make your proposal much more attractive than those of your competitors 

If you have a prospective foreign buyer curious about how the G2G approach reduces risk for them, here are a few points you can raise: 


Contract performance is guaranteed

We structure contracts to address potential risks in ways that are advantageous to all parties, establishing the conditions to ensure successful contract fulfillment while satisfying the buyer’s requirements. The buyer’s procurement risk is also  reduced because the contracts we enter into are signed in the name of the Government of Canada, guaranteeing the contract will be delivered per the agreed terms and conditions.  

At CCC, we can make those guarantees because we conduct a comprehensive due diligence review of the technical, managerial, and financial capabilities of every exporter we support. Before contract negotiations even begin, we’ve already confirmed the exporter involved is reliable, ethical supplier who has the skills and capacity to deliver on the project — and deserves a guarantee of contract performance.  


Acquisitions can be accelerated to prevent procurement delays 

Our proven, established G2G contracting approach avoids the delays that often occur during an international tender. When a competitive procurement or the risk of failed tender introduces unacceptable delays to a critical project or compromises national security — or when the government buyer has identified a preferred Canadian solution — the G2G approach can accelerate the contracting process, ensuring urgent acquisition needs are met and projects are delivered on time.  


Our processes help prevent bribery and corruption

Bribery and corruption can derail any procurement process. A G2G contract through CCC eliminates that risk thanks to Canada’s strong international reputation and commitment to being an ethicalreliable business partner. 

We take on the role of the prime contractor with our G2G contractswhich means the Government of Canada is right there with your buyer every step of the wayfrom initial meetings and negotiations through the entire life of the contract. Because we take on all performance oversight and financial administration of the contract — all invoicing and cash flows are executed through us — the risk of bribery and corruption is greatly reduced 

Our experience structuring and managing complex international contracts also ensures your buyers have a partner who can help resolve any contracting issues that might arise — and can shield them from potential unethical business practices that might come with working with local suppliers. 


 For more advice on talking to buyers about G2G contracting, download our  e-book, Winning Contracts with Foreign Governments



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