EN - High demand in Africa for solar photovoltaic cleantech

High demand in Africa for solar photovoltaic cleantech

Posted by The CCC Team on June 1, 2018 at 12:18 PM

Many African countries are looking to improve the infrastructure available to their citizens and use technology to overcome resource constraints. Programs like the International Finance Corporation’s Scaling Solar and the Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund are making large-scale projects possible. 

With a dedicated Africa–Europe regional director and a sector director focused on clean technology, CCC is well positioned to help Canadian exporters engage with opportunities in the region.

Here are some of the latest projects to hit the news. (Source: IJGlobal)


25 MW solar photovoltaic plant

Madagascar’s Ministry of Energy and Hydrocarbons has prequalified six bidders for a tender to build a solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant with battery storage under the IFC Scaling Solar program. With just 15.4% of its population having access to electrical services and only 540 MW of existing generation capacity, Madagascar will benefit significantly from this new development.


250 MW solar photovoltaic plants

The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation is planning to develop two 125 MW solar PV plants under the IFC Scaling Solar program — infrastructure that will help the country better manage its water resources by reducing its reliance on hydroelectricity, a critical capability in light of recent droughts.


50 MW solar photovoltaic plant

Akuo Energy is sponsoring a more-than $96 million project to build 50 MW of solar PV capacity in Mali, bringing together a large consortium that includes the Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund, the Dutch Development Bank (FMO), the West African Development Bank and others. The power generated through the project, which is still at the financing stage, will be sold to Énergie du Mali under a 28-year agreement.

If you have a clean technology that has a play in the market, contact CCC at 1-800-748-8191 or email info@ccc.ca.

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