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Posted by The CCC Team on May 30, 2019 at 10:56 AM

Canadian ICT companies have more opportunities than ever before to sell into the global market. But growing demand for technology solutions also means stiffer competition for every deal. You can have the best product and still find yourself shut out if you don’t have the right political contacts or are trying to do business with a government that won’t meet with private companies.

That’s where CCC comes in.

Bringing Canadians to the table via G2G

CCC ICT Sector Director Jeff Tasseron says that even when government officials can’t meet with a Canadian company, they can have a meeting with Canada — nation to nation.

“For foreign buyers, working with CCC means entering into a relationship with Canada, not just with a Canadian firm,” he says. “That opens doors that might otherwise be closed.”

CCC’s government to government (G2G) contracting model cuts down on cost and risk by providing assurance that contracts will be delivered as promised. Because deals between countries are generally seen as above-board, the risk of reputation damage or corruption is also much lower.

CCC’s involvement gives you more space to help your customer understand your technology and how it meets their needs better than a minor upgrade to the status quo.

“When the technology involved is new to the buyer, they may not fully understand what is and is not possible,” says Tasseron. “In those cases, CCC’s ability to look at the transaction holistically and advocate in a non-denominational way can be a huge benefit to all parties.”

He points to a recent opportunity when CCC was approached by a foreign government looking for a complex ICT capability. A competitive procurement process would have been difficult but fears of poor value for the money, and about corruption and political meddling, made the government hesitant to consider a sole-source transaction.

“By establishing an environment of trust founded on the G2G interaction, CCC was able to assure the buyer there would be no risk of corruption and that a world-class capability was on offer,” says Tasseron. “That allowed the company to bring forward its offering on a sole-source basis and move rapidly into negotiations about requirements — significantly shortening the procurement cycle.”


Up-to-date market information

Another advantage of involving CCC is knowing the guidance and support you get reflects the most current, up-to-date realities of the market you’re aiming to do business in. Circumstances can change very quickly, even overnight. CCC’s regional directors monitor these changes constantly and are in regular touch with sector directors like Tasseron.

Together, they offer thorough knowledge of the companies and the markets and can provide you with access to emerging global opportunities — helping you put your company and its expertise on the global radar.

If you have a foreign government procurement opportunity, CCC can help you. Contact us at 1-800-748-8191.

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