EN - Five ways G2G contracting can de-risk foreign government contracts

Five ways G2G contracting can de-risk foreign government contracts

Posted by The CCC Team on November 1, 2018 at 12:58 PM

All business comes with a certain degree of risk. According to a recent survey of CCC exporter customers, political and business-climate risks are some of the greatest when pursuing and delivering on contracts with foreign governments.

CCC’s government to government (G2G) contracting model helps mitigate these kinds of risks so you can pursue foreign government contracts with confidence. Here’s how:

1.     You get an instant boost in international contracting expertise.

Structuring and managing international contracts is a complex business. As an experienced international contracting organization — we’ve been doing this since the end of the Second World War — CCC brings deep expertise to the table. We help identify contracting pitfalls and questionable business practices you want to protect your business from.

2.     Risk mitigation is built into the process.

Risk mitigation is always most effective when it is proactive, not reactive. In contracting, that means applying good risk-reducing strategies at the negotiation stage. Our team’s extensive experience allows us to identify early on where potential risks might arise, and to structure the contract to address them in ways that are advantageous to both you and your buyer. Establishing the conditions that will enable you to fulfill the contract while satisfying the buyer establishes a strong foundation for success.

3.     CCC acts as Prime Contractor

CCC acts as Prime Contractor to the foreign government, meaning we handle all payments and cash flows throughout contract execution. CCC will be your partner in securing advances and milestone payments so you can focus on delivering against the contract terms.

4.     You don’t have to start from scratch.

As a recognized G2G contracting authority and an extension of the Government of Canada, CCC has solid relationships with government buyers around the world. Going the G2G route means building the relationships you need to get to contract signing may get just a little easier.

5.     The Government of Canada is at your side.

Any contract you enter into with CCC as your partner carries a Government of Canada guarantee of contract performance. With that guarantee, foreign governments effectively see themselves as doing business with the government of Canada, greatly raising the profile of your deal and motivating all sides to see that it goes smoothly.

Pursuing opportunities in foreign markets? Mitigate the financial and business risks by contacting CCC at 1-800-748-8191, or email info@ccc.ca.

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