EN - Five things exporters should know about Canada’s Clean Growth Hub

Five things exporters should know about Canada’s Clean Growth Hub

Posted by The CCC Team on May 1, 2018 at 12:12 PM

The Government of Canada created the Clean Growth Hub to drive innovation and support the growth of Canadian cleantech companies. CCC joining the mix of Hub partners means even more opportunities for Canadian cleantech exporters through unprecedented access to government procurement markets around the world. “There is so much interest among governments now in environmental sustainability, and Canada is in a great position to increase its share of the global cleantech market,” says Rob James, CCC’s Cleantech Sector Director. “Canadian companies are advanced in environmentally sustainable offerings, and we are committed to helping them grow through successful contracts with foreign governments.” 

Spanning business and industry, energy and natural resources, agriculture, fisheries, transportation and the environment, the members of the Clean Growth Hub bring a whole-of-government approach to supporting cleantech development, commercialization and exports. Here are five things Canadian cleantech companies should know about the Hub and CCC’s role in it: 

  1. The Hub will help Canadian companies seize the massive global cleantech opportunity. In just over a decade — from 2004 to 2017 — global investments in clean energy leapt from US$182.2 billion to US$333.5 billion. Other segments have grown similarly, and many observers expect the worldwide cleantech market to pass $1 trillion by 2020. The Hub helps build capacity and opens doors for Canadian innovators to claim their share of that marketplace. 
  2. The Hub is a single gateway to the full range of federal cleantech resources and programs. Now Canadian companies have one place to go for support at every stage of cleantech development and entrepreneurship, from R&D to demonstration to financing, export sales growth and beyond.
  3. CCC provides a direct line to foreign government cleantech buyers. CCC has memoranda of understanding and longstanding relationships with foreign government buyers around the world. Through its unique government to government contracting approach, CCC can help Canadian cleantech exporters win deals by providing a Government of Canada guarantee of contract performance. 
  4. CCC helps companies navigate complex procurement processes. It can be challenging for Canadian exporters to learn the “rules of play” of foreign markets, access the right decision makers and gain a competitive foothold. CCC engages directly with high-level foreign government buyers and brings years of international contracting expertise to the table, accelerating the contracting process while reducing political and business risks for exporters. 
  5. CCC gives foreign governments the confidence to buy Canadian cleantech. When governments do business with companies from abroad, they often feel exposed to the risk of an unknown supplier. CCC’s extensive due diligence process ensures the foreign government that Canadian exporters can and will deliver on their offerings — giving foreign government buyers confidence in their business integrity and their technical, financial and managerial capabilities. 

Establishing a dedicated cleantech sector practice is part of CCC’s overall diversification strategy to give Canadian exporters access to a broader range of opportunities than ever before. Being part of the Clean Growth Hub and leveraging connections with other partners in Canada’s trade portfolio, including EDC and Global Affairs Canada, throws the doors wide open. 

Are you looking to export your clean technology solutions? If so, contact Sector Director Rob James at 613-996-0161.

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