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Welcome, to the g2g, pursuit team

We are focused on leveling the playing field for Canadian exporters.
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Canada's G2G approach levels the playing field

G2G Pursuit Teams need you for success

Working together, we can leverage the Canada brand to help Canadian exporters win deals which delivers Economic Outcomes Facilitated. 

  • Heads of Mission can conclude bilateral commercial agreements as G2G contract pursuits are signed between two governments, a key strategy to promote Canadian exports, and build bilateral relations.
  • Trade Commissioners can integrate Canada's G2G approach in everyday practices to open-up a high-profile opportunity with potential buyers.
  • Canadian Defence Attachés can propose a G2G approach to help their foreign military counterparts access innovative Canadian products and services to meet their needs. 



Share your g2g PURSUIT TEAM STORY 

We are looking for G2G Pursuit Team partners who can share their experience with other HOMs, TCs, and CDAs. We are also looking for contributors for our blog. Canadian exporters are hungry for your insights on doing business with governments in your markets.

Contact us, and let's collaborate.

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