It all starts with an opportunity

There is a world of opportunities out there for Canadian businesses. Download this guide for help building winning proposals.

Seizing Opportunity: Developing a Winning Proposal

If you are interested in selling your solution

to public sector buyers, the information in this guide
will help you:

  • Find tenders & promote your solution
  • Reach a “Go/No Go” decision on a bid
  • Prepare a winning bid or proposal

Why now? Covid-19 continues to impact Canada’s economy and is shaking up international trade. There are so many opportunities for Canadian small and medium businesses to sell to governments of other countries, regions and municipalities. Making it happen may be less complicated than you think.


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Seizing Opportunity EN

Are you bidding on Government tenders?

There are a number of places to find international tenders. So many that it can be overwhelming to manage—that is where the Global Bid Opportunity Finder (GBOF) will come in handy.

  • On one single web platform, Canadian companies can access multiple sources of government bid opportunities. Hundreds of thousands of opportunities from over 150 countries, as well as Government of Canada resources, provided in both English and French, to help Canadian companies win more international business contracts.
  • Bookmark and access opportunities for your company.

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