A Guide to Winning Contracts With Foreign Governments

Selling to governments is hard. CCC offers this new complimentary guide for Canadian cleantech exporters to help.

A Guide for Canadian Cleantech Exporters

Selling to foreign governments can be a powerful way to grow your business for many Canadian exporters. When you work with CCC, the Government of Canada is right there with you every step of the way — from initial customer meetings to negotiations and through the entire life of the contract.

Download the Guide and find out:

  • What G2G is & How it Works?
  • What’s in G2G for You?
  • How CCC Can Lower Your Risk.
  • What Competitive Positioning CCC Provides.
  • And So Much More!

Let CCC be Your Trusted Partner for G2G Contracting

The Canadian Commercial Corporation helps Canadian exporters gain access to foreign procurement markets through a government to government contracting approach.

Benefits of working with CCC include, improved access to government procurement decision-makers, speed up the sales of foreign governments process, gain a competitive advantage, and minimize political, business and payment risk.

Download this comprehensive Guide to G2G contracting today.