Grow Your Defence Business Beyond Canada's Borders

The United States Department of Defense is looking to buy Canadian technologies. Could yours be one?

New Guide for Canadian Defence Companies 

Why should you consider the U.S. Department of Defense (U.S. DoD)? This market isn’t just for American companies. Nor is it just for large defence contractors. The U.S. DoD works extensively with a wide variety of Canadian businesses from manufacturing and technology to transportation and R&D. In total, defence export sales to the U.S in 2016 from Canada were approximately $2 billion CAD.


Why now? Covid-19 continues to impact Canada’s economy and is shaking up international trade. Canadian businesses are looking to adjust their business plans and are looking at non-traditional ways that will get their products and services to markets they may not have considered before.


Why should you work with the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC)? Our Prime Contractor Service helps small businesses successfully navigate doing business with the U.S. DoD. Because of CCC’s role, Canadian companies have almost full access to U.S. military procurement opportunities. Learn more about CCC.


There is a unique opportunity for Canadian small and medium businesses in sectors beyond defence. Making it happen may be less complicated than you think.


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Navigate the U.S. DoD with Confidence

Selling to foreign governments can be a powerful way to grow a business. When you work with CCC you have the Government of Canada by your side every step of the way. With this Guide you can learn how:

  • You can access unique export advantages with CCC’s free service
  • The U.S. DoD wants to find and work with reliable Canadian companies like yours
  • You can promote and sell your technology to address emerging U.S. DoD needs and challenges
  • Your company can be exempted from the Buy-American Act
  • You can be treated the same as your U.S. competitors
  • You can get duty-free entry of Canadian supplies being delivered to the U.S. DoD
  • To take advantage of this opportunity with CCC’s step-by-step guide Grow Your Defence Business: Securing opportunities with the U.S. Department of Defense

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