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Selling to foreign governments is complex to navigate. Find out how CCC partners with Canadian exporters to win contracts using a government-to-government (G2G) approach. Schedule to meet with us at GLOBE 2020 in Vancouver to discuss opportunities to work together.

The CCC is a Crown corporation of the Government of Canada that undertakes the sales of Canadian products, solutions, and services. Last year CCC successfully worked with 162 Canadian companies in 74 different countries resulting in $1.3B value of contracts signed.  Read more....

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About our Director


Rob James

Director, Business Development and Sales - Clean Technology & Renewable Energy

Rob brings over 20 years of experience with cleantech project development, carbon pricing, and climate and cleantech policy development to his role at CCC. Before joining the CCC, Rob worked with Environment and Climate Change Canada, Natural Resources Canada, as well as the United Nations Development Program where he led climate finance capacity building and project development in the LATAM and Caribbean regions. In his role immediately prior to joining the CCC, Rob led cleantech policy development for NRCan, which culminated in the significant cleantech investments of the 2017 Federal Budget. 

Rob brings a wealth of international experience to his role, having lived in Panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Korea.

Connect with Rob on LinkedIn today. 


CCC Services for Canadian Companies

CCC helps Canadian cleantech and renewable energy companies sell to foreign governments on a G2G basis by drawing on decades of contracting experience. Look to CCC to help navigate complex government procurement markets abroad with confidence.
  • We reduce political, corruption and payment risks.   Payments and cash flows are executed through us, as part of our role as Prime Contractor.                             
  • We engage government buyers at a high-level. We use a whole-of-government approach to work with senior level government officials to help advance pursuits.
  • We help gain a competitive advantage. As the Government of Canada‘s international G2G contracting organization, we stand behind our exporter’s offer, increasing the buying government’s confidence in the transaction.
  • We accelerate the procurement. G2G is generally done on a sole-source basis which saves exporters the time and cost of a traditional procurement process.


CCC Services for Foreign Companies

CCC helps foreign governments buy from qualified Canadian companies through our unique G2G contracting mechanism. Whether a government is planning to deliver a large capital project or a small equipment upgrade, the CCC can help support an acquisition from Canada.

  • We increase the speed and simplicity of the procurement process. Government buyers benefit from an expedited acquisition process on a sole-source G2G basis.
  • We reduce procurement contract risk. We help mitigate project risks and are committed to ethical business practices. 
  • We enhanced bilateral relationship. We bring the Government of Canada’s support to all acquisitions .
  • We work with all levels of government. CCC can contract with all levels of government including State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and Special Project Vehicles (SPVs).

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